30 years of success!

BASTION is a Russian research and production company engaged in the development, production and delivery of professional uninterruptible power supplies, AC regulators, surge protection and other electrical equipment
Full production cycle — from idea to implementation
Own production
and a team of professionals
18 years in
Quality Management System
Every day we provide comfort and safety to people, turning our ideas and experience
into devices and solutions for comfort and safety
BASTION company mass-produces over 450 models of electric devices. The trademarks "SKAT", "TEPLOCOM", "TEPLODOM" are known to all professionals, involved into security and heating business. During 29 years we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner and producer of high-quality and modern equipment
About us
Every day professional engineers, programmers and product managers produce equipment of brands, known all over Russia:
Own design bureau
Over 80 patents and copyright certificates
Over 1450
other certificates
Product engineering
We realize creative ideas in technical documentation and digital drawings for mass production
Every day our team develops and implements innovations, the cycle from idea to production takes a matter of weeks
Own production areas
Over 450 mass-produced electric products
Perfect quality control system
Own production
The production lines of BASTION company is located on an area of more than 6000 square meters
Every day produced devices generate a 80 MW per year. Throughout history of the company we have generated capacity which volume excesses the annual output of a modern nuclear power unit!
Network of branches and representative offices
Over 500 dealers in all regions of the country
Over 20 foreign partners
Distribution network
BASTION's products are saled in all cities and regions of Russia and near abroad countries
Every day we ship products to all regions of Russia, as well as to our own online store and 4 stores in major cities of the country
Over 70 service centers
Manу devices have a lifetime warranty
Technical support 24/7.
Products are insured
Service maintenance
A wide network of service centers from official dealers and partners.
Free technical support: 8-800-200-58-30
Every day delivery of equipment to the service and back is carried out at the expense of BASTION company. Lifetime warranty on a range of lines of devices
Own training center, expansion of partners competence throughout all Russia
YouTube channel for webinars, instructions and product reviews
Certification and special privileges to members of Profi-club
Training center and professional club
Training seminars throughout all Russia and webinars on the Internet. Professional club join more than 1000 specialists
Every day our specialists organize training in different cities of the country. More than 500 specialists are certified for BASTION products. For the Internet audience we conduct monthly webinars and product reviews
Come with us the whole production process —
from the idea of a product to its delivery to the client!
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